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Propaira is an Australian skin care company founded in 2010 based in Melbourne.  Known for their products that target specific skin concerns, Propaira has over 20 products.  Their range includes creams, serums and supplements for conditions such as acne, rosacea, hair problems and sun damage.  They also have a unique range of sunscreens, all of which contain niacinamide for added benefit.

Propaira proucts are formulated to the highest Australian and international standards and are tested vigourously.  Products are manufactured in Australia undert strict GMP and ISO guidelines.  This ensures high quality and stability of their formulations.  Their sunscreens are manufactred in TGA approved facilities.

Propaira products are often recommended by dermatologists and GP's to be included in their patients' skincare routines combined with prescription treatments.  

It can often be hard to find where to buy Propaira products as they are not widely distributed to chemists or warehouses.  Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy is a trusted stockist of Propaira and have been working closely with Propaira to supply quality Propaira products to our valued customers.

Buying Propaira products including their sunscreen range from SkinPlus Compounding Pharmacy entitles you to benefits of the Skin Plus Rewards program. Make sure you sign up to the reward program before making your purchases.

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