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About Us

Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy is Melbourne’s first and only retail pharmacy open to the public, dedicated solely to the art and science of quality skin care and skin therapeutics.

Our goal is to meet all your skin care needs through the provision of individualised and patient-focused care with professional advice, friendly service and competitive prices.

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Specialist Skin Pharmacy

At Skin Plus Pharmacy we pride ourselves in working with you to optimise your skin health by offering personalised skin care regimens to address your individual needs. Our pharmacists and staff can assist by providing compounded (freshly made to order) preparations and expert advice to better accommodate your skin care needs.

Your Skincare & Therapeutics

Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy is headed by Dimitra Gourdouvelis Jalilian (Pharmacist) and Victoria Jalilian (Pharmacist). They are supported by other staff including cosmetic nurses and dermal clinicians who also share a special interest in skin health. Dr Chris Jalilian, dermatologist, husband to Dimitra and sister to Victoria acts as clinical advisor.

Working together, a space for honest and trust-worthy advice and care has been created for our patients. With a passion for ‘everything skin’ we strive towards excellence in providing all your medical skin health needs as well as cosmetic products.

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Meet Our Team

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Dimitra is the director of Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy. Dimitra has been working in pharmacy since the age of 16, first as a pharmacy assistant and dispensary technician before becoming a qualified pharmacist in a managerial role. After completing her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Monash University, she followed on to complete a Masters in Pharmacy. Dimitra works passionately to provide tailored advice to best meet the skincare and therapeutic needs of patients.

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Victoria is the manager of Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy. Victoria comes from a background in specialty pharmacy practice. Having worked in a managerial capacity in the retail pharmacy sector, she progressed to specialty practice within clinical pharmacy and further in the field of dermatology. Vicky has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Monash University and Masters in Pharmacy with a Graduate Diploma in Wound Care. Her strong understanding of compounding in dermatology has enabled Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy to produce high quality and elegant products.

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About Our Compounding Pharmacy in Melbourne

Welcome to Australia's exclusive online skincare pharmacy, Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy. As the countries trusted online pharmacy, with direct dermatologist input, we are entirely devoted to quality skincare and skin therapeutics, redefining your skincare and treatment journey.

Why Choose Us?


Experience expert guidance with honest advice and personalised recommendations tailored to your skincare needs.


Discover tailored solutions crafted exclusively for you by our compounding pharmacists, who specialise in creating custom skincare products.


Access excellence while enjoying affordable, quality skincare with complimentary shipping options and exclusive loyalty benefits.

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