What is compounding?

Compounding is the process of producing a pharmaceutical item to fit the unique needs of a patient. This allows for targeted and individualised therapy to better address the patients’ needs.

Compounding involves an active ingredient being formulated to the specific concentration and in a suitable vehicle (e.g cream/ointment or other base). The process requires specific equipment in a certified laboratory.

Compounding at Skin Plus Pharmacy

At Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy, our focus is your skin.  Our aim is always to compound and deliver innovative and customised topical skin preparations to suit all patient needs.

We work closely with specialist dermatologists to create customised preparations including; lotions, creams, foams, paints, ointments and more. The skin of every patient is closely studied in order to formulate a compound medicine that’s right for you.

With access to extensive medical databases and extensive training, our compounding pharmacy products that are;




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Our laboratory operates under strict quality control measures in line with USP-795 regulations.  We go even beyond these benchmarks by using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate compounding each time.

Do you have unique skin care needs? Talk to our compounding chemist in Melbourne at 03 9070 6272 or inbox your queries at support@skinpluspharmacy.com.au.

Trusted compounding pharmacy in Melbourne

We are proud to say that all our raw active ingredients are obtained from reputable and approved sources which have passed strict batch testing, assuring product purity and integrity that is required for quality production. Regular off-site lab testing of our products, beyond what is required by regulation, assures and validates the quality of our skincare products in Australia.

We are focused to create and recreate compounding medicines that effectively treat your regular to unexpected skin woes.